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Do you know what Maxillofacial Surgery is and when do you need it? Or where to find an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Karachi? Patel Hospital is providing you highly qualified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Karachi. If you obtain the best dental treatment, you will always have that confident grin and will stand out in public. You can be treated by some of Karachi’s finest surgeons.

The majority of maxillofacial surgeons work to help address skeletal issues including misplaced jaws. Your dentist may recommend you to a maxillofacial surgeon if you have chronic temporomandibular joint pain, also known as TMJ. Maxillofacial surgeons frequently remove cancers of the face, neck, and jaw. Maxillofacial surgery, often known as jaw surgery, can help with a variety of functional dental concerns as well as facial and dental malformations, as well as substantially improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth and jaws.

Consult a professional at Patel Hospital if you are experiencing swelling, fever, or pain around your wisdom teeth. Maxillofacial Surgeons also treat cancers of the face, neck, and jaw. In addition they also perform Dental implant surgery which is a procedure that replaces missing teeth with artificial ones, Wisdom teeth extraction and treatment, Facial injury treatment (broken bones, facial lacerations, or broken eye orbits), cosmetic surgery on the face, patients with obstructive sleep apnea can benefit from airway correction. Gum surgery will repair and enhance your attractive smile, as well as reduce tooth sensitivity, protect your teeth from recession, and stabilize or reinforce the gums that cover your teeth. The operation is usually major because it includes the gums, and if it is not done correctly, delicate sections of the mouth may be harmed. Dr. Asad Iqbal Malik of Patel Hospital is a competent Maxillofacial surgeon who can help you regain your confidence. Make an appointment with Patel Hospital right now to get any problem with your face, jaw, or neck treated by the best and most skilled experts at the Karachi Hospital.


DR ASAD IQBAL MALIK – FCPS (Maxillofacial Surgery)

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