Ophthalmologist (Eye Department)

Patel Hospital’s Eye Department is one of the specialized tertiary eye care centres where we are providing comprehensive care to the patients suffering from ocular cancers and ocular trauma. Treatment of Retinoblastoma is multi-disciplinary and needs a team of eye doctors, children cancer hospital, radiation oncologist and many others. In collaboration with the Children cancer Hospital (Indus Hospital) we have developed a center of Retinoblastoma diagnosis, management and training at Patel Hospital’s Eye Department. So, far we have treated more than 200 children with eye cancer and 500 patients with eye injuries. We are also providing services for ocular prosthetic implants for patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

The department offers the advanced equipment to help evaluate and also access the diseases that effects the Human Eye. Eye diagnostic services include OCT, FFA, ICGA, Angiography, Fundus Photography, Visual test, Pachymetry and B-scan.

At Patel Hospital, our Pediatric Eye Care section is fully equipped to examine, investigate and treat children to minimize the visual impairment leading to improvement in the quality of life and decrease the years with blindness in a child.

Pediatric Eye Care services are not very easily available and approachable in our country, particularly childhood eye cancer called Retinoblastoma (RB) and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). ROP is a potentially blinding vaso-proliferative disorder of the retina that can affect the eye of infants who are born prematurely. RB is the most common eye cancer in children.


Dr M. Hanif Chatni – (FRCS UK)

Dr. Hafiz Usman Vayani – (MCPS, FCPS)

Dr. Jamal Mughal – FCPS, MSC (Com eye Health)

Dr. Burhan Abdul Majid Khan – (FCPS)

Dr. Umair Qidwai – FRCS, FCPS

Dr. Owais Arshad – FCPS

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