Paediatric care is essential for all children during their early years to acquire and maintain a
healthy body. Our paediatricians provide care for your child from the time of birth till they turn
18 while making sure your child’s developmental progress is apt. Patel Hospital’s paediatricians are trained to diagnose and treat minor and serious childhood illnesses.

What to expect when visiting a paediatrician?
Your selected paediatrician will see you your baby frequently from birth till age 2 and perform annual checkups from age 2 to onwards. Your paediatrician is also the first person you would call when your child gets sick. When caring for your child, your paediatrician will perform the

    • Physical exams.
    • Give the recommended and scheduled immunizations.
    • Monitor if your child is reaching developmental milestones in physical and behavioral growth.
    • Diagnose and treat your child’s health problems for example infections, injuries, etc.
    • Educate you about the child’s needs and nutrition.
    • Answer all your questions and concerns about your child’s health.
    • Refer to other specialists if needed.

Paediatric care and paediatricians in Karachi

Many hospitals provide paediatric care but Patel Hospital has the best paediatricians in Karachi
who are experienced and well-trained in their field.
Patel Hospital’s paediatric department provides high-quality care to its patients as it is
equipped with:

  • 24/7 Paediatrics Emergency Service
  • 12 Bedded Peads Ward
  • 8 Bedded Nursery
  • 4 Bedded NICU Level 1
  • 8 Bedded NICU Level 2
  • 2 Bedded Paeds ICU

These facilities have all technologically advanced equipment including:

  • Latest Ventilators and Incubators
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • Well-trained and Experienced Doctors
  • Highly Skilled Technical Staff

Patel Hospital’s team of paediatricians and neonatologists with trained paramedical staff provide adequate care for a wide variety of acute and chronic neonatal and paediatric ailments.
Our faculty, along with paediatric surgeons approach every procedure with unique consideration and give the patient their undivided attention.


Dr. Kehkashan – FCPS

Dr. Jalal Akabr – DCH, MCPS, FCPS

Dr. Zafar Mehdi – MCPS, FCPS

Dr. Azmina Khan– FCPS

Dr. Sheeraz Ahmed – MCPS

Consult our doctors today to get your child high-quality paediatric care.

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