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Speech is essential to communicate with other human beings but sometimes a few disturbances can cause this function to underperform. Speech therapy is the solution to all problems related to speech and communication.

Speech therapy helps individuals develop skills like clarity of speaking, fluency, comprehension,  and sound production. Speech therapy can treat children and adults for their speech disorders.

Speech Therapist in Karachi  

Patel Hospital is a renowned hospital that offers the best speech therapy in Karachi. Our speech therapist assesses, diagnoses, and treats communication problems and speech disorders. If you have a child with developmental delays or an adult with speech impairment caused by stroke or injury, consult our speech therapist for holistic guidance and treatment.  

Some of the disorders that our speech therapist can offer treatment for are:

  • Aphasia  
  • Apraxia  
  • Articulation disorders  
  • Cognitive-communication disorders 
  • Dysarthria  
  • Expressive disorders  
  • Fluency Disorders  
  • Receptive Disorders  
  • Resonance Disorder  

Best Speech Therapist in Karachi – Patel Hospital  

Our doctor Ms. Uzma Khalil has a master’s in audiology and speech pathology. She is our dedicated speech therapist who conducts clinics within our vicinity. Under her supervision,  Cochlear Implant and Cleft Palate patients had made great progress in speech and showed  Phonological Awareness Skill and Literacy Development Skills at their age-appropriate level.

She also has successfully treated a number of children with Literacy Delay and improved their  Phonological Awareness.

Occasionally, if words sound garbled to you, you may need to consult our speech therapist to get evaluated and fitted for a hearing aid.

Consult the best speech therapist in Karachi at Patel Hospital today to get your child or yourself properly evaluated.


Ms. UZMA KHALIL – MASTER In Audiology & Speech Pathology

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